Trucking Accidents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Elsewhere – What to Do

Being involved in an accident is upsetting, but it is important to follow certain steps in order to protect your rights. Drivers are involved in trucking accidents in Manhattan , Brooklyn, and every other borough on a regular basis, and many of these people do not know their rights and responsibilities. With the aid of a superior attorney, you can avoid being one of them.

What to Do at the Scene

Drivers involved in car, motorcycle, and trucking accidents in Manhattan , Brooklyn, and all of New York City have a number of rights and responsibilities at the scene under New York state law.

  1. Stop at the scene of the accident; do not move any vehicles unless they pose a hazard.
  2. Notify police and rescue personnel via 911.
  3. Assist the injured if you are qualified to do so.
  4. Exchange name, address, and insurance information with other drivers.
  5. Collect witness contact information and other evidence; document the scene of the accident for later investigation.
  6. Make no statement except a report to the investigating police officer. Anything you say to other drivers may weaken your legal position.

Special Considerations After Trucking Accidents

Frequently, motorists who find themselves involved in trucking accidents, whether in New York or elsewhere, are obligated to negotiate and dispute with large trucking companies and other business interests. This process is notably different from having a dispute with private individuals for two reasons. First, trucking companies have more resources than the average private individual. They may already have legal advisers, and they are thus able to pursue legal advantages aggressively using intimidation tactics. Second, since much commercial trucking traffic occurs across state lines, many people find themselves having disputes with companies in other states or other parts of the country altogether. This situation may complicate legal matters even further.

Contact a Lawyer

Contact a truck accident lawyer today to further discuss the laws pertaining to trucking accidents in Manhattan , Brooklyn, and all of New York.