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The ladder, the forklift, and scaffolding are fixtures on construction sites, and as such they are common accident contributors. New York City-based ladder, forklift, and scaffolding accident attorneys handling construction accident lawsuits throughout the state frequently look to safety standards established by OSHA in order to find grounds for their cases.

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Ladder Accidents

A long fall from a ladder can lead to a variety of serious injuries, including broken bones; various neck, back, and head injuries; and even paralyzing spinal cord damage. All of these injuries will likely require long recovery periods during which you will be unable to work. If you find yourself in this situation, you are probably entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and its insurer. These benefits are intended to help support you and your family by paying for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages related to your injury. As you seek workers’ compensation for a New York construction site ladder accident, attorneys experienced in negotiations with employers and insurers can help you get a better settlement.

In many instances, a ladder accident is the fault of another party. It may be that the ladder was maintained insufficiently by other workers or site management. If so, litigation may be justified. It is important to note, however, that workers receiving workers’ compensation benefits are limited in their ability to sue employers and co-workers. This is the case in New York and elsewhere. On the other hand, if a ladder accident is the fault of a third party, attorneys may be able to bring litigation against manufacturers, retailers, and others who are not covered by workers’ compensation laws.

Scaffolding Accidents

Because so many tall buildings exist in New York, the city’s construction sites are commonly scaffolding accident locations. Construction accident attorneys in the area are experienced with scaffolding accident cases for this reason. As with other on-the-job accidents at construction sites, OSHA standards exist to govern the safety of scaffolds. Nonetheless, many workers fall, trip, slip, and occasionally sustain injuries when the scaffolding on which they are working collapses or breaks. In any of these instances, serious injuries of all kinds are very real possibilities for construction workers. If you are injured in this type of accident, New York based scaffolding accident attorneys can help you understand your rights under state laws.

Consulting with attorneys is the first thing you should do after an accident. If a scaffolding accident is the fault of some other party, that party may be liable for damages related to the accident. Whether the accident is the fault of a co-worker, a supervisor, an employer, or the manufacturer, retailer, or repairer of the scaffolding, compensatory and punitive damages may be awarded to cover medical expenses, permanent disabilities, lost wages, and other costs. Many injured construction workers find themselves unable to work for extended periods of time, making workers’ compensation and Social Security disability crucial. Veteran scaffolding accident attorneys can help construction workers secure these benefits as quickly as possible.

Forklift Accidents

Forklift operators frequently sustain injuries when they push their machines too far at the request of supervisors and employers. While the safety of workers should always be the first priority on any work site, it is occasionally the case that speed will be emphasized instead. When safety becomes a secondary consideration, unnecessary forklift accident injuries can result.

Attorneys for construction workers frequently focus on safety protocol breakdowns that lead to serious injuries. When a forklift tips, for instance, it may be the result of an unsafe load. Tipping causes the forklift to drop its load, creating the potential for other workers to be hit and – unless appropriate safety restraints and rollover protection are in place – crushing or ejecting the forklift operator. Similarly, unsafe lighting and driving conditions can lead to crashes, struck pedestrians, and other tragedies. Another common and notable scenario involves the use of a forklift to elevate construction workers. This practice is very unsafe and can easily lead to serious injuries. Insufficient adherence to the training and licensing standards laid out by New York law is also to blame for numerous forklift accident cases. Attorneys who handle forklift accident cases can help their clients make the best of serious injuries or disabilities by making sure that they receive the necessary medical care and by assisting them in holding the responsible parties to account.

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