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All motorists in the state of New York are required to carry appropriate insurance, in the city and elsewhere. By law, semi tractor trailer truck drivers must maintain additional insurance in case of an accident, but unfortunately some choose not to do so. New York City semi tractor trailer truck accident lawyers who specialize in insurance litigation can help you recovery damages after a trucking accident. The right lawyers are essential to the success of your case, so choose your lawyer wisely.

Insurance Requirements

Every semi tractor trailer truck driver is required to carry insurance in case of an accident. By federal law, truckers who cross state borders must carry a minimum of $750,000 in personal injury and property damage coverage, and they must also carry additional coverage if the truck’s load is considered hazardous. The state of New York has adopted these same standards.

Unfortunately, the occasional semi tractor trailer truck driver chooses not to carry insurance. If you are in an accident with one of these truckers, your lawyers will have difficulty securing damages from him or her in New York City’s court system. This situation does not mean, however, that your medical bills and property damage are not covered. In some cases, you can sue an uninsured trucker’s employer and/or the owner of the truck’s cargo. Additionally, your own insurance will likely cover any leftover expenses. As always, the details depend on the nature of the semi tractor trailer truck accident, the insurance policies involved, and your lawyers’ negotiations with all the parties involved.

Recovering Damages from Insurance Companies

Because insurance companies aim to make money just like any other business, they generally try to minimize the amount of benefits that they pay out. Doing so may involve offering unfair sums or denying benefits altogether. This approach can be adopted by the insurance companies of other liable parties in an accident or by your own. Insurance companies feel more comfortable pursuing this tactic with policyholders who are not legally represented. This is the reason why New York City’s dedicated semi tractor trailer truck accident lawyers are so important to residents after accidents.

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The best New York City semi tractor trailer truck accident lawyers are experienced at negotiating with insurance companies. If you are involved in negotiations after an accident, find an attorney today.