Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan – Construction Accidents Lawyer

Construction is a hazardous line of employment, and in a city like New York, new construction is going on constantly. In spite of the safety precautions in place on construction sites, accidents inevitably happen, and workers sustain preventable injuries. Workers anywhere in New York City, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, who have been injured in construction accidents have a number of options available to them. For injured workers in New York City, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, it is important to contact a construction accidents lawyer who is familiar with the state’s laws.

Types of Construction Accidents

There are a number of common scenarios in which workers frequently sustain certain types of injuries as a result of construction accidents, and they are both legally and medically distinct from each other in important ways. It can be useful to learn more about these distinctions, and what they mean to your construction accidents lawyer and your case.

Workers’ Compensation for Construction Accidents

The workers’ compensation insurance system pays benefits to injured workers for medical care and lost wages while they are unable to work. This insurance is provided by employers, including construction companies in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. When construction accidents happen, workers (with the aid of a lawyer) are typically able to take advantage of some benefits that help support them while they recover.

OSHA and Construction Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency in the United States Department of Labor. OSHA’s goal is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths by establishing health and safety guidelines for the workplace. These standards apply to construction sites where accidents occur because of unsafe conditions as well. If you are injured on a construction site that does not meet OSHA standards, this special circumstance may strengthen you case. You can learn more about OSHA standards and your safe-workplace rights on our page dedicated to this topic.

Contact a Construction Accidents Lawyer

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