Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan – Causes of Truck Accidents

In crowded New York boroughs such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, there is no shortage of factors contributing to truck accidents. The sheer number of vehicles on the roads in these areas every day, combined with busy schedules, pedestrians, and other factors, makes a certain number of accidents almost inevitable.

However, many of the truck, motorcycle, and car accidents that do take place are avoidable. These accidents are the ones that happen because of negligent drivers and unsatisfactory vehicle maintenance.

Negligent Driving

In spite of the stringent driver education, licensing, and regulation policies in place to govern the trucking industry, many truck accidents are a result of careless driving practices. These accidents are preventable, and when they do happen, the driver is to blame. If you live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or another borough and have been in one of these truck accidents, you may have grounds for a lawsuit that will cover your damages.

Negligence, defined legally, consists of behavior that fails to protect individuals to a reasonable extent against predictable associated risks and harm. In practical terms, a truck driver might be negligent if he or she drives while fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol; speeds, runs a red light, fails to signal, or breaks other traffic laws; or neglects appropriate safety measures, such as checking mirrors, when backing up. Many truck accidents take place daily for these reasons, and the drivers involved, and their employers, may be liable for damages.

Negligent Maintenance

Negligent maintenance is another unfortunate contributor to truck accidents. Laws that establish maintenance standards are in place, but some drivers and trucking companies choose not to follow these regulations. Brake malfunctions, broken headlights, and other equipment failures have the potential to cause serious accidents and injuries. If it can be proven, through accident investigation and reconstruction, that an accident is a result of negligent maintenance, the responsible parties may be held liable for damages.

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