Truck Accident Attorney – Reconstructing Truck Accidents in New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and the Entire State

Determining and proving liability in the aftermath of an car, motorcycle, or truck accident can be a difficult and complicated process. Occasionally, it is obvious what happened in an accident, but most cases are not so clear. In these situations, particularly those involving a serious truck accident injury, your attorney must reconstruct the event to support your case. Residents of the Bronx, Brooklyn, or other New York City boroughs can speak to a well-qualified personal injury attorney to learn more.

Investigation and Reconstruction

Investigating and reconstructing each accident is an important part of the truck accident attorney’s job. The only way for an attorney to win damages in court or in an out-of-court settlement is to offer strong evidence supporting his or her client’s version of events. Unfortunately, people involved in accidents sometimes lie or distort the truth in order to avoid liability. If there is no evidence to support your version over someone else’s, you may be unable to claim full reimbursement. There are a number of steps you can take, both at the scene of the accident and afterward, in order to protect your rights and strengthen your case.

Good evidence supporting litigation should present a complete, coherent, and consistent version of events. By mapping out the scene of the accident, taking pictures, and securing the contact information of eyewitnesses, you can help your car or truck accident attorney assemble a stronger case. This kind of evidence is particularly important to any car or truck accident attorney representing clients from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and other parts of New York City because it is frequently necessary in New York to disturb the scene of the accident before law enforcement officials arrive. Expert testimony from doctors, police investigators, and other qualified professionals is also an excellent form of evidence to have. Finally, any medical paperwork, legal documentation, and materials from insurance companies and/or other involved parties should be neatly preserved.

Contact a Car or Truck Accident Attorney

The investigation and reconstruction process is best undertaken by an experienced attorney. If you need the help of a car or truck accident attorney in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or elsewhere in New York City, begin the search for a qualified lawyer today.